These are the two question that comes to our mind when we think about Organic Food

1) Is there really a differences between organic food and natural or health food?’
2) Is it possible to buy organic food inexpensively?’

1. Organic Food
Organic food is food grown through a process of farming without chemical pesticides and without artificial fertilizers. It is food grown in soil that is alive with billions of micro-organisms that convert the remains of vegetable life into tremendous amounts of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to feed plant roots and ultimately ourselves.

Organic food is not treated with preservatives, radiation, hormones, antibiotics or synthetic additives or grown from genetically modified seed.

Organic food is food typically certified as organic by a third party certifying organization. Countries like Australia, France, Canada, India and the U.S.A. have a national standard for organics which are involved with the certifying of the food but not all countries have a national standard. Europe now has a Europe-wide organic standards system. So in France currently you will see two certifying logos on organic products – one National and one European.

2. Natural Food
The term Natural food has very little meaning since it is typically unregulated in the market place. Natural is a title given to foods to suggest the food is closer to their natural state than another version of the same food. For example, a freshly picked fruit is called natural food even if it is sprayed with synthetic chemicals during the farming process since it comes off the tree and is unprocessed. Unlike canned apples which have been processed and typically have sugar added. The title natural food does not mean the food is organically grown.

3. Health Food
Health food is a term used for foods that, in some way, are believed to be healthier to eat that the common kind of food widely sold in supermarkets. For example, some people are allergic to foods treated with sulfur like dried apricots so un-sulfured dried apricots can be labeled health food whether they are organically grown or not. However, just like the term Natural food the term health food is not a regulated label.

Buying Organic Food Inexpensively

Now if you are interested in putting more organic food on your plate but you consider it to be expensive there are many ways you can buy organic food inexpensively.

One way is to buy your organic food from a home delivery company like Gayatri Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. since we buy produce in volume and pass the delicious savings onto to you.