Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic food ?
Crops and vegetables grown using natural inputs and traditional farming methods are considered as organic food.

Why organic produce is better than produce grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides?
Organic produce is more nutritive and contains no poisons.

Is there any simple method to verify authenticity of organic produce?
There are no easy to use tests to verify the authenticity of organic produce.In India, APEDA is central authority for certifying organic produce.

What kind of processing is done on Organic Produce after harvesting?
Only cleaning and screening is done to get rid of loose earth/dirt.

Is Organic food more nutritious than food grown using modern technique?

Does organic vegetable cook faster?

Does organic food taste better?

Is Organic Food safe to consume?

How pests are controlled in Organic Farming?
Organically grown crop/vegetables have more power to resist diseases. To help in fighting pests, organic pesticides are available which are derived from nature.

Do I need to wash organically grown vegetables?
Yes. They may get dirty during transportation/handling. Please ensure that you wash the vegetables before you cut.

Can I get rid of pesticides by washing and boiling regular vegetables ?