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    • To capture sizeable market share in all the regions by 2025 and seize emerging opportunities in Foreign Countries.
    • To conduct Trading in a transparent manner assuring customers of dependable and efficient service.
    • To emerge viable in a strong competitive environment by using relevant technology and deploying talented people.




    • A vision to perform zeal to excel commitment to “QUALITY” and “ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” with philosophy of “Team Work and Performance”.
    • The preferred Hub to the Organic Agro Industry.







“Adopting a new healthier lifestyle can involve changing diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as increasing levels of exercise.”

Organic seems to be the slogan for healthy eating these days. Shree Gayatri Organic & Herbal Products, that has been in organic farming since 2009, is a name for those seeking a healthy diet. What started off merely as a hobby soon became a commercial enterprise. Our experience has enriched us with variable and valuable experiences that enable us to understand and cater to your requirement in a better way. Come here for organic food like Organic Honey, Spices, Rice and fruits and vegetables. We are one of the leading exporter/wholesale supplier of Certified Organic Food from India. Ready to embrace every home in sound Health,Our Organic products are a mark of excellence.

Organic food doesn’t mean only fruits and vegetables. Organic food usually costs you a little more than the mass-produced items, but then you’d do well to remember that it also gifts you a healthy life. So go organic and live life, the disease-free way.